How it all began

The story of Travel With Alex

Hi There!

My name is Alex and I am a Tourist Guide. Over the years I have travelled to many places in Europe, Asia and Australia. There is just something unique about travelling especially when you discover a world with different sights, people, food, culture, history and heritage.

Trip to Israel

You might be thinking “Oh, I guess that’s why you became a tourist guide?” Well, not really. For over 30 years I had been working in a local Fortune 500 company and have had my share of travelling and meeting people. I loved every moment of it and it got me thinking.

Why am I so happy about travelling?

Interaction and experience. Meeting people, interacting with them, gaining insights of new places and cultures. And most of all gaining new experiences and sharing my own.

That is when I decided to become a tourist guide! After I retired, I attended a tourism school, got certified as a Local Tourist Guide by the government of Malaysia and started doing free Heritage Walking tours in my home city of Klang. Instead of just muttering some facts and figures, I focused on using great story-telling tools to make History come alive and the people love it! They were having an awesome experience. And like they say, everything else was history.

Fire Station Klang Heritage Walk

With Klang as my launching pad, I started conducting tours for friends and families, farther from Klang to places like Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Kuala Selangor and so on.

Travelling with Family

Initially I thought “Will locals like tours like this? I mean…they are locals and they may know better. To my surprise, the answer was an emphatic ‘’No”. Turns out there were many untold stories and gems that were not covered by mainstream travel media.

Thus, telling stories behind the stories and imparting that awesome experience became my hallmark and has become my unique selling points. My tours have become more memorable and have left lasting impressions on people.

These are the pillars behind Travel With Alex, and I would love the chance to have you over for a tour. Feel free to browse through the tours I have planned or contact me if you would like to talk further. We can certainly arrange customized tours that will satisfy you.

Hope to see you soon!