Pulau Ketam – A Fishing Village Lost in Time

Just off the coastal town of Port Klang lies the Klang Islands, mostly with lush mangrove forest , some unhibited and some with alluring charm that cannot be missed.

One such island is Pulau Ketam, a 35 minute torpedo ferry ride that takes you to a byone era. There are 2 villages here namely Pulau Ketam Village and Sungai Lima village. But it is the former that attracts thousands of tourist to this island.

Most of the inhabitants are Chinese with fishing as their main occupation. Their houses are built on stilts and it gives you an impression that the village is floating on the sea as you approach them. Some have likened it to the Sok Kwu Wan village of Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

There are two ferry operators offering their services.   Tickets are between RM 8 to RM 10 one way with about an hour frequency but one need to check the most current schedule. Most KL city folks just take KTM Commuter to the Port Klang Station and walk down to the jetty fpr their waiting ferry.

The island first started out as a Hainanese fishing haven in the late 1880’s. During WW2, many Chinese fled to the island to escape the cruelty of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Today , Pulau Ketam gives you an excellent opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to simply unwind and de-stress. Seize the moment to talk to the locals, go on a motorized bicycle ride, and take in the unique ambience and picturesque beauty of the island. Or simply enjoy the delicious seafood fares of its local restaurants. Of course, don’t forget the fried ice cream.


See wooden homes with colourful walls, ornate fences and guarded by cute dogs…don’t venture too near for they may bite. See fishing boats and nets being repaired and say hello to the thousands of fiddler crabs and mudskippers found along the river mouths and mudflats. Or pray at the Nang Thiam Keng and Hock Leng Keng Temples for good fortunes.


Whatever you do, your visit to Pulau Ketam will be a memorable one. Travel with Alex has a tour package to Pulau Ketam. Drop us a line and we will whizz you away to an enchanted place.

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