The Little India in Klang
Little India Klang

Most major towns administered by the British at the turn of the 20th century would have an enclave where there is large concentration of Indians.

In Klang, that would be Jalan Tengku Kelana or previously known as Rembau Street. Touted as the ‘largest Little India’ in Malaysia it was the processing centre for Indian migrant labourers brought into Malaya from South India and Sri Lanka.

Today it is a bustling place for all things Indian. Eateries, sweet shops, yoga centres, boutiques selling sarees and costume jewelleries and markets selling typical Indian vegetables and spices.

Then there is a motley crowd of ‘ kili josiyam’  palm readers who depend on their kili or parrots to pick up cards that will tell you your future.

Of course, Little India would not be Indian at all if banana leaf curries are not available. At Jalan Tengku Kelana all your favourite spicy curry delights from Chettinad to Sri Lanka are available.


Jalan Tengku Kelana is also part of the Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk and features many beautiful historical sites like Our Lady of Lourdes Church, The Convent School, Indian Muslim Mosque, Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Hindu temple and the old Fire station.


A visit to Klang is not complete until you have spent some time at Jalan Tengku Kelana. Here your senses of sight, smell and hearing will be tantalised to the max. You can get here by car, bus or KTM rail.

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